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My life journey has taken an intriguing turn these past years with my husband on the mission field and homeschooling my three gorgeous boisterous laugh-a-minute children. I guess this blog is about taking the time to record our life together – the lessons learnt, funny moments, joys shared and tears shed- simply because we do so easily forget these precious moments.

It is also about my desire to share the discoveries that I make as I follow this path. It is a journey- one where we are leading our children into the delights of knowing their God, where they can have every opportunity to discover their passions and talents so they can fulfil their destinies, and where we have the privilege of observing the unfolding of their learning journeys.

I’m putting up my hands and declaring I am a novice with much to learn and – I am, every day.

I have been so blessed by the many amazing people out in world-wide web who are sharing their journeys. I am learning so much. And I am hoping that my journey will bless and help others.

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DanGilbert66 said...

Hello, I have a quick question for you about your site. If you could please get back to me as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day!

Communications Coordinator
Primrose Schools


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