Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award: I got an award!

Wow! I got an award given to me by All Things Beautiful and I am so thrilled. Being new to the blogosphere, it feels good to know that someone has actually read and enjoyed my blog! So I appreciate this award immensely.  Not only that – I have discovered some new (to me) and inspiring blogs through this.

Thanks and more thanks to All Things Beautiful for this honour. Her blog is new to me so I’ve had a great time checking it out – it is full of fun and interesting posts and very helpful ideas that I plan to incorporate into our school day. I love discovering new blogs. J

Now the rules of this award are as follows:

·                     Thank and link back to whomever gave you the award. 
·                     Share 7 things about yourself.
·                     Pass it along to other blogs  that you've recently discovered and enjoy.
·                     And finally leave your recipients a note telling them about the award.

So here goes:

1.    I loved drama and the theatre as a kid and wish I had had the guts to pursue it 

2.    I’d love to learn how to paint and to take stunning photos.

3.    I enjoy making things look beautiful.

4.    I’d much rather be cold than hot. J

5.    I like my schedules and have a hard time adapting to change – but I’m working on 

6.    I’ve recently discovered that I don’t like roller-coaster rides (even the baby ones).

7.    I love buying books, books and more books and after that comes stationary – I 
     adore that new notebook smell.

Now here comes the fun part – so many blogs to choose from! Here are some wonderful ones (I’ll try to pick blogs that haven’t had the award before but that might be hard!)

Practical Pages – I think she’s been given this award before but I do love her blog because it really embodies the versatile blog with excellent free resources and helpful encouraging ideas for schooling and life.

Countercultural School – packed with SO many great ideas including wonderful resources on how to school your dyslexic child.

O Peaceful Day – an Australian Charlotte Mason homeschooling family which gives a different perspective on some things. I discovered her blog while researching MEP (Mathematics Enhancement Programme) and found myself enjoying her many other fascinating posts.

Barefoot Voyage  - I just recently discovered her blog and have enjoyed reading her posts not just on homeschooling but on marriage and her book reviews.

Teaching Our Own – when Angie suggests a book I pay attention! She writes not just about homeschooling and raising her kids but also about how to manage the home. She has a knack for finding awesome time-saving gadgets!

Satori Smiles – plenty of interesting homeschooling related posts here – just go check it out.

Enjoy and thanks again!        


Phyllis said...

I love your list. Many of my favorites are on there. I was a theatre major in college, so I had an interest there, too.
Have a happy day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for the award and your kind comments! I am so encouraged that others read and enjoy my pages. It is lovely to learn some things about you. I also love the smell of books!
I'm off to investigate these other blogs - some new ones - and I LOVE finding new sites.
Blessings, Nadene

Molly said...

Thanks for awarding CounterCultural School! That was an encouragement! I am not blogging at the moment because of our new baby...I'm taking some time off to adjust to our "new normal" and just enjoy those baby days!

I saw on your "about me" that you are missionaries...we were, too, for several years. I pray God blesses the work you are doing!

Jeanne said...

Thank you so much for the award. What an encouragement you are to me too! I shall enjoy learning from the other bloggers on your list as well. Off to check them out now!

Thanks again.

Richele said...

Truly, I thank you so much for the award and I'm sorry that I've come by so late to tell you.

I used to get regular 'mother culture' on Friday nights as all the boys would be out ice skating but since they've stopped I haven't yet found a rhythm.

Your blog is beautiful and your heart is apparent in your writing. I am intrigued by your list as Jeanne is the only one I know. This will be a fun look around for me.

Thank you again!

Chelle said...

I just found your blog via the comments on Nadene (practical pages) site.
I like what you're doing here!!
And, subcribing :-)

MamaChi said...

Hi Chelle, thanks for the encouragement! I checked out your blog and it is lovely too. I've bookmarked it and will definitely take some time to browse through it.I wished I'd found it earlier - we've just finished up with our Middle Ages and Viking study and would have loved to use some of your resources. :)


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