Friday, January 6, 2012

A Prayer for Today

Each day a conscious decision to follow, to surrender, to give thanks, to give words to heart-cries.

                                                               A Prayer for Today:

   Lord, may prayer become again a conscious, living, 

                                                                            daily natural rhythm in my life.

                             May that prayer infuse home, marriage, thought and action.

                                                                  May it be living 

                                                                   and infectious......

                 May my children breathe it in like air and catch it.

                                                                   May it be sacred and precious

                                                                   Yet routine, set in stone, unchanging.

                Like breathing, let it come.

                                                                  May it be deep,



                May it be born out of a listening heart.

May your morning be filled with the expectation of good things and the experience of His unrelenting grace.

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